Fees & Refund Policy- Credit Courses


Full-Time Students

Administrative Fee: $100 (one-time payment)

Kindergarten to Grade 8: $299.99/month

Grade 9 to Grade 12: $449.99/month

Part-Time Students

Administrative Fee: $100 (one-time payment)

Kindergarten to Grade 8: $449.99/course

Grade 9 to Grade 12: $499.99/course

*all courses comes with free academic guidance and assistance on university applications*

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, certified cheque, e-transfer, wire transfer or bank draft.

Reference Discounts

Refer 1 student, get $100!

Refer 2 students, get $200!

Refer 3 students, get $300!

Refer 4 students, get $500!

I looked at other private schools and tutoring centres and their prices did not match the affordable prices from Z³ Education Centre.

14 Year Old Student

Refund Policy

FULL REFUND (100%) if completed 0-3 hours of the course.

HALF REFUND (50%) if completed 4-9 hours of the course.

NO REFUND (0%) if completed 10+ hours of the course

NO REFUND on purchasing course materials (textbooks, supplies, etc.)

NO REFUND on administrative fee.

10% LATE CHARGE will be applied to each selected course if students who pay the fees later than the first two weeks of the semester.

CA$50 CHARGE for any returned cheque and bank transfer.