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Our Mission

Z³ Education Centre’s mission is to provide options for high school students who are not benefiting from traditional school settings. We offer a flexible learning environment that will lead to active learning experiences and enhanced learning opportunities. Our well trained teachers provide various types of assessments for students to meet the same high school expectations as all students across Ontario. At Z³ Education Centre we provide a personalized settings to help students develop their potential and excel in their goals. We provide and educational environment  that will lead all students to be successful in completing the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Each student is unique, so we offer every student equitable opportunities to achieve success according to his/her interests, abilities and goals.

Z³ Education Centre School's Semester

Z³ Education Centre will start it’s semesters on:

  1. Fall Semester: September 1 – December 29
  2. Winter Semester: January 1 – March 29
  3. Spring Semester: April 1 – June 27
  4. Summer Semester: July 2 – August 29

High School Course List

Important Information about Courses

It is each student’s responsibility to assure that the prerequisites for all courses have been achieved. The prerequisites are listed within each course information.

Students who register in a course without the required prerequisite will be asked to leave with the possibility of no refund. Exceptions will be made for students who register with Z³ Education Centre while they are taking their prerequisite only if the prerequisite will be completed before the start of their Z³ Education Centre course. Students must submit a transcript at the time of enrolment demonstrating that they have achieved the required prerequisite.

100+ Different Courses

Each course is structured to be modular, with each lesson/topic/unit stating the approximate time commitment, learning goals, and curriculum expectations. These modules may include readings, assignments, multimedia, and engaging videos that the student completes at their own pace. While students are able to set their own work and assignment schedule, if you have not completed the course one year from registration you will need to request an extension so as not to be withdrawn from the course. Teachers will communicate with their students regarding progress, motivation, encouragement, empathy, care, and guidance.

Course Prerequisites

Try Online Credit Courses

Similar to our academically rigorous in-class lessons, our virtual classes are structured with set start and end times, and deadlines are established for assignments, tests, and final exams. Classes are live and conducted through ZOOM video chat using a shared screen. Our teachers plan and execute lessons using PowerPoint, videos and white boards in real-time, allowing for students to have their questions answered directly. 

Z³ Education Centre provide students in Grades 9 – 12 with a one-on-one learning experience in which teachers tailor the lessons to the needs and schedule of the individual student. Whether you are looking to reach ahead, fill in gaps from prior coursework, or seek mastery of a subject, Z³ Education Centre allows you to earn a high school credit in our most personalized learning environment. Schedules can be tailored to fit almost any requirements, and the hourly rate compares favourably to tutoring costs, and unlike tutoring, results in a fully accredited course being earned.

Our teachers are equipped to deal with most learning accommodations, and are fully up-to-date with the latest Ontario Ministry of Education curricula and evaluation policies.

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