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Children love the feeling of being good at school. Try us out and see how much confidence a strong base in Math, Science and English gives your child.

Student Testimonials

"However hard I tried, I was often doing poorly in math and Z³ tutors have helped making math clearer for me now. I am now able to explain how I arrive at my math answers."
Habiba Ali
Grade 10 Student
"The atmosphere of this centre is very friendly and positive. They focus on what I need to improve on and help me with my school work, which helped boost my mark up in school by a lot."
Navid Khan
Grade 12 Student

Parent Testimonials

"The Math curriculum was moving so quickly that my daughter had difficulty grasping it. Z³ simplified and explained the math concepts on an individual basis and now her confidence and grades are improving."
Parent of 16 year old
"We like the way you teach, the care you take, the discipline you bring and the encouragement you give for your students. All these make my children happier, studious and self dependent."
Parent of 10 and 14 year olds